Know HDB 4 Room Flat Renovation in Singapore Style

New BTO apartments or 4 rooms in Singapore are currently getting smaller in comparison with the resale components, renovation and hence design is important and needed. With the expert advice and preparation, the little space for new 4 spaces or BTO apartment can be fully utilised and maximised. Resale unit that has a space allows more space in moulding it for use like chatting, reading or comfy area besides dining and living. These efforts will help to include home resale value! In most new 4 spaces or BTO You might find that the design for every house became as the distance built and are limited. The design can’t be changed by us but to furnishings with choice and the planning of finishes, it reflects and can alter the home with a character.

4 room bto renovation

Here’s an example of a HDB 4 Room Renovation that we had delivered in Pair RI’s Street.

  • Feel distinctive and spacious.
  • Here is some guide for you as a beginning.
  • Open plan Design
  • Merging the balcony area with the living room give feeling of greater spaciousness.
  • Clear mirrored wall create illusion and illusion of distance with their reflection.
  • Adoption of a minimalist layout strategy is an effective means to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.
  • White neutral paints reflect light, add together with a textured or coloured feature wall bring out personality to the inside.
  • Permit natural light to stream inside the space to give the room more depth.
  • Light tone wood or coloured furniture make space seem brighter and spacious.
  • Full length curtains or drapes create illusion of greater ceiling.
  • Choose furniture that is not over sized and be sure that it isn’t taking up lots of the inside space.

What can Reno360 Singapore do for you?

Reno360 Singapore had delivered several HDB or BTO flat Renovation in Singapore. Our contractors are HDB Licensed who understands well the HDB rules and regulations. Upon understanding your 4 room bto renovation ideas requirements and goals, we will follow up with a package that fits your budget and manage the cost in your worth. Let our Reno360 Singapore Team help you with renovation and the design to mold your HDB 4 Room apartment into your dream house!